Welcome to Remote Imaging The commercial services group for ArgenTech Solutions (AgTS).

Formed in 2009, ArgenTech Solutions (AgTS) is a veteran owned small business based in the United States with offices located worldwide. Our approach is to provide the most cost effective solution (i.e. (platform, data analytics and reporting tools) so that our customers can assess the current state of their assets and decide what changes, if any, are needed to optimize productivity or their usage.

To create this data, AgTS will tailor solutions specific to the customer’s need. We are not an OEM. As such, we can choose from a variety remote imaging sources and analysis tools. Though our primary expertise is unmanned aircraft (UAS), we are equally adept at utilizing manned aircraft, submersibles, vehicle mounted sensors or satellite data as a means to create a comprehensive solution that one sensor or analytics package alone might not be able to achieve.

The primary markets we service are:

Agriculture – Through remote sensing we can provide growers information concerning the health of their fields. This provides time sensitive decision tools for the application of nutrients, irrigation, pesticide and tillage. Fly today, receive data results the next day.

Digital Mapping and Modeling – Unmanned Aircraft based Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) provides unprecedented accuracy for the creation of digital elevation models (DEM). AgTS uses state of the art data gathering and analysis suitable for topographical mapping, volumetric assessments of biomass and mining and 3-D mapping of structures.

Industrial Inspections – Imaging to monitor, inspect, and report the current condition of infrastructure. Remote sensing reduces the needs to put personnel at risk to perform dangerous inspections and assists in more efficient planning and execution of workforce. Our expertise includes corridor mapping of right-of-ways for pipe and electrical transmission lines, inspection and surveying of power generation equipment, and infrastructure.

Safety and Security – Remote monitoring for safety and security applications using unmanned / tethered aircraft and submersibles. Emergency response for natural disasters.

Approach – AgTS is not an OEM. As such, we seek to provide our customers the right combination of equipment, sensors and analytics to enable a cost effective, timely, world class solution. To create these solutions, we routinely partner with industry, academia, and government to access equipment, personnel and expertise that one entity alone might not be able to provide. This freedom permits us to quickly adapt to the changing marketplace and address unique needs posed by our customers.