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UAS based visual inspections

Using LIDAR to assess pipeline position changes

The UAS Advantage

UAS based solutions can provide cost-effective monitoring and infrastructure assessments for high value infrastructure. Compared with traditional methods including manned remote sensing or direct personnel inspection, UAS can perform these inspections more quickly, at a lower cost and higher data resolution. Higher resolution provides the means to assess changes over time thereby providing a better tool for resource deployment.

Though these solutions are primarily targeted for Oil and Natural Gas Customers, they equally apply to customers in Power Generation and Distribution. AgTS can provide our customers the monitoring services to meet the most exacting inspection requirements including those stipulated by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and state specific requirements. Example of how our equipment can meet your needs:

Corridor Mapping – Ability to measure and see below canopy growth, earth movement changes such as landslides, transmission line bending detecting for fatigue analysis, railway inspections.

Stack Inspections – Provide high quality video inspections without the need to put personnel in harms way to conduct the local inspection.

Hydrocarbon emissions – UAS based optical gas imaging. Detect methane that is invisible to the naked eye.

Depth of Cover Surveys – Determine the depth of pipelines below the surface without the need for digging.

Structures – UAS based LIDAR that can accurately map refineries; urban planning. Suitable for CAD input for further modeling.

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